January 29, 2020

Unfriending Right-wing Roy on Social Media…

Below is my private-message to Right-wing Roy after he posted a questionable Meme on social media regarding immigrants after a terrorist attack, and I engaged in a depressing online conversation regarding what he would call a “the refugee and Muslim invasion” in the UK:

It’s all making me very depressed Roy. They say one of them was not only a Muslim but an immigrant too.  Congrats on being right… it must feel validating, but I simply can’t HATE 1.6 billion world-citizens because of their faith and religion or start labelling and fearing small parts of our own society because of the actions of a few individuals.

The sad thing is it plays into the hands of the right-wing racist xenophobic media and politicians, and gives them fuel to fan the flames of hate and separation, creating an enemy to distract and scare you.  Can you see that?

All of which will only make people feel more isolated and more likely to be corrupted – whether its a white Christian national, or a mixed-race Muslim immigrant.

I’m heartened to see that the peaceful Muslim communities have started a #NotInMyName campaign, as the vast majority are ordinary peaceful people like you and me – it’s just the western media doesn’t report on it or show them having rallies to condemn terrorism.  Don’t you think that if 1.6 billion people in this world were willing to kill themselves – just to kill you, that we would be in a lot more trouble?

It also worries me what intelligent people like you are suggesting as solutions? Do you really want to kill 1.6 billion people?

Nuke em all?!?

Or just deport all Muslims from the UK…?  If so, how are we to do that – morally, legally and logistically?  It’s not an easy black and white issue.

How about concentration camps on borders – would you cheer as these people who only want a better life silently disappear and are burned?

Or would you watch as ISIS machine-gunned them; men, women and children, in their own country?  Not to mention the fact that it’s our planes and weapons being used to do the damage.

And are we deporting all the “useful” tax-paying Muslim doctors, teachers and firemen too?  If so, where will we send them?  Remember some of these people may be third generation UK citizens… so we can’t just “send them back where they came from”, because they’re from here!

Mental health is righty getting the attention it deserves these days, and yes, there are “crazy nutters” (people with serious mental health issues) in every country, of every religion – look at the gun laws and all the shootings in America – ISIS is a hellish organisation, but remember it was born and grew through the USA/UKs (Bush/Blair) invasion of Iraq and our continually aggressive interventionist foreign policies – war breeds war, hate breeds hate.  Most of the refugees were running to surrounding countries, not the UK, but either way risking the lives of their infants to escape bigotry or murder!  Who can blame them?

If people are so willing to kill themselves for their cause, no border check is going to stop them, and what about the people corrupted who already live here? How do you find and deal with that? Give the government more spying and snooping powers and watch as the Conservatives turn the country into a version of Orwell’s 1984.  The idea is terrifying.

Maybe we could try to engage and understand what drives them to do these things, and try to prevent it happening to others.  We could stop bombing other countries (who strangely are nearly all rich in oil or natural resources).  We could increase funding for mental health and make it more open for people to seek help… but all this requires time, patience, interaction, education and understanding – and that won’t win votes as humanity seems ever more obsessed with instant fame, tweet-length soundbites and Memes of questionable accuracy.

It is so sad what hate and manipulation can do to people’s minds, especially the isolated, the less educated, and the vulnerable.

I genuinely fear for the world if we continue to walk this path.

I’m sorry Roy, I feel so sad that I need to Unfriend you.  It means I’m giving up on you, further abandoning you to fall deeper into Facebook’s algorithm-driven Daily Mail hate-pit with other intolerant right-wing supporters… not only that, I’m also reenforcing my own “leftie liberal guardian-reading” bubble by cutting you off.  I wish I was stronger, but I just don’t want to be depressed everyday I open social media to be greeted by hate and bigotry.

I know this message is pointless other than to give you a laugh as your mind seems set, but I’m begging you, please try to show some compassion for the varied wonderful people in the world, and occasionally just try to challenge, fact-check and test your ideas.



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