January 29, 2020

About Me

Hey! I’m Ryan, originally from the Shetland Islands, a remote group of Islands north of Scotland, but I now (mostly) live in Edinburgh, one of the best cities in the world.

I love to travel, go on random adventures, and try new things, both in and out of Scotland.  I’d love to say I was a talented and extreme adrenaline junkie but that would be a massive lie – however it doesn’t stop me dreaming, trying and failing – I’m more in the boringly ordinary category.

Over the years my interest and passion for people, politics and the environment has grown ever larger.  I can spend a great deal of time in my own head debating whatever my brain becomes fixated on that day, so I setup this site as a bit of a hobby and outlet.  .

Along with all the above, I love snowboarding, hiking, cycling, the great outdoors, and trying random activities I’ll probably never master like kiteboarding.  I while away rainy days reading, writing, cooking, going to the gym and binge watching tv shows.

If you find anything I say interesting, feel free to drop me a message or comment – I’m not expecting much as this site is mostly just for me to catalogue and journal my own ideas and experiences, but maybe I’ll inspire someone somewhere along the way…?